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Our Trial Result Statistics 2015

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2015 Motoring Offence Statistics

Motoring Offence Statistics 2015

Blog Post by Jeanette Miller

We know that most of our clients feel like they are in a living hell when confronted with a drink driving charge or other motoring prosecution that could result in the loss of your driving licence. You may be faced with the risk of losing your job, massive restrictions on foreign travel, the loss of your ability to work in your profession, reputational damage. Whatever your primary concern may be, we also know you do not want to invest in securing representation from a lawyer without the assurance of string track record in achieving the result you need.

The year may be 1 week from its close but we had our last trials of 2015 yesterday (23 December) and so can reveal our 2015 trial statistics. The data we store and analyse is one of the best ways we are able to demonstrate our unparalleled expertise in motoring law to our new and existing clients.

Drink and drug related allegations are amongst the most serious and common of charges we defend. This year we have represented 116 clients who wished to defend a drink drive, drug drive or fail to provide a specimen case. We achieved a NOT GUILTY verdict in 107 cases. That’s an overall 92% success rate but for some different offence types we have achieved Not Guilty verdicts in 100% of those cases.

2015 Drink Driving and Drug Driving Offence Statistics

92% Overall Success Rate (Conviction Avoided) for Drink and Drug Related Offences 2015*
88% Breath Sample – Excess Alcohol Success Rate (Conviction Avoided)
100% Blood Sample – Excess Alcohol/Drug Success Rate (Conviction Avoided)
100% Urine Sample – Excess Alcohol Success Rate (Conviction Avoided)
93% Failure to Provide a Specimen Success Rate (Conviction Avoided)

*Total Alcohol cases trial success rate (figures include successful appeals and exclude cases lost that are the subject of appeal as at 24 December 2015).

2015 Successes (as at 24 December2015)2015 Success Rate %
Excess Alcohol – Breath Sample88%
Excess Alcohol/Drug – Blood Sample100%
Excess Alcohol – Urine Sample100%
Fail to Provide a Specimen93%
Failing to Furnish Driver Information83%
Driving without due care and attention100%
Driving other than in accordance with a valid licence100%

*Statistics include successful appeals and exclude cases lost that are the subject of appeal as at 24 December 2015.

Our client base is Nationwide although with a strong emphasis on London cases. This year we have successfully defended 30 out of 32 drink driving related charges in London leading to a 94% success rate for our London based clientele.

Our cases involve a whole range of alcohol readings too and certainly not just readings that are borderline.

Specimen type in successfully defended casesAverage alcohol Reading
Breath75µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath
Blood120mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood
Urine154mg of alcohol per 100ml of urine

Our highest reading cases that we were able to successfully defend also involved a record level in a “hip-flask” breath alcohol defence case.

Specimen type in successfully defended casesHighest alcohol Reading
Breath183µg of alcohol per 100ml of breath
Blood258mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood
Urine222mg of alcohol per 100ml of urine

The stage at which we have won our alcohol related cases is also comforting to our clients. 86% of our successfully defended cases were won BEFORE we had to present any defence evidence and more importantly, before our client had to give evidence.

Discontinued Before TrialWithdrawn on the day of TrialAcquittal half wayAcquittal after Full   trialTotal Number of cases won
Total cases18443015107
Percentage of cases won17%41%28%14% 100%

Why do we think we have been so successful?

1. Our unique defence strategies

We invest heavily in strategizing and developing new defence arguments all the time. Many of our defence formulae are unique to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors so that other solicitors simply do not know how we manage to secure Not Guilty verdicts in so many of our cases.

2. The “dream defence team”

We ensure the best possible team is set to achieve results comprising of a dedicated case handler in the office so that you have frequent and unlimited access to your day to day contact. We also have priority access to the country’s leading expert witnesses in many fields such as toxicology, forensic medicine, engineering. Our talented team of trial advocates is another crucial cog in the wheel. We work very closely with a number of select barristers and solicitor advocates. For more details of the dream team we could place on your case, it is best to contact us to discuss this further.

3. Case management

Gone are the days when a solicitor can get away with case preparation on the “back of a fag packet!” Some solicitors are only just out of the dark ages and now use computerised records. However, as is often the case with the Geoffrey Miller team, we are on the leading edge of technology with a computerised case management system that has been developed to complement our unique defence strategies. No other firm has access to the efficiency we have been able to achieve.

4. Filling the “Vacuum of Knowledge”

One of the biggest sources of anxiety our clients encounter is the lack of prior knowledge or experience of being prosecuted. We make it our business to explain the case strategies to you in plain non-legal language.

5. Getting the Mindset right

When it comes to attending court, we will have focussed on ensuring your dream team are ready and prepared and we include you and your mindset as part of this equation. Strong believers of a positive mindset, we do our best to get you to expect the result you want and need. As the great Winston Churchill once said “Attitude is a little thing that can make a big difference.” By the time your case comes before the court for your trial, we aim to have you feeling as confident of the outcome as we can.

For more information about the chances of success in your own case, please get in touch so we can offer our views on your prospects of avoiding conviction. We also have hundreds of clients who have provided testimony on our website and who volunteer in our unique interactive testimonial scheme so you can contact a client of the firm directly to ask them about their experience.

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