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A word from the Managing Director

If you are reading this page, you are hopefully considering working for Geoffrey Miller Solicitors. I want you to know a bit more about me and the company so you can get a feel for who we are and whether we are right for you and you for us?

My Career

I had a number of contrasting experiences as an employee at the start of my career. My first job was working within a firm where I not only felt under-appreciated but towards the end of my time there, I would go home at the end of the day exhausted, exasperated and sometimes in tears over how awful I felt.

Rather than give up, I made it through my training contract and decided to make it my job to find a new role where the company I worked for would be polar opposite to the culture of the firm I started at. This was before the days of websites like ours where the Internet was still very much a novelty and finding the right employer was far more challenging as the only information available was in the legal directories.

Having sent out dozens of applications, and waiting for what felt like eons for any developments, like buses, interviews and then job offers started to flow in all at once.

When faced with more than one job offer, I needed to make a choice and went with the firm where I felt best during the interview. I then embarked on an experience I’ve never encountered before working for a firm where I literally felt excited to get up in the morning and head in to the gorgeous city centre offices. The decor and comfort of the offices was luxurious to say the least. However, for the first time in my legal career, I felt truly appreciated and recognised for the work I put in.

I was mentored by the senior partner from whom I learned so much. I was able to develop and progress my career to become head of a small department and could see a clear future career path which I had expected to be with this firm that I had grown to love in a short space of time. However, after 2 years at the firm when I was truly happy I was headhunted and offered more than double my salary to join another firm in order to set up a completely new business venture in which I was offered an equity stake. It was a dream come true akin to Lord Sugar picking the apprentice he wants to work with. However, in my case, it turned out to be a double edged sword. The massive increase in salary was amazing and beyond my wildest dreams but the business was what  can only describe as a living hellhole. The culture of the firm was horrendous. It was like going back to school where people were not motivated but we are trapped by high salaries that could not possibly be attained elsewhere. The offices were overcrowded, uncomfortable and my day to day role was essentially firefighting. My “Lord Sugar” openly admitted to not caring for clients or staff and their only objective was to make money.

I soon realised I could not stay and be aligned with the culture of the business and took the massive leap to set up my own business. I made dozens of mistakes along the way and I soon realised that one of the biggest challenges of running my own law firm was recruitment of likeminded professionals who felt the same way I did. I wanted to work with people who truly cared about clients and saw the importance of excellent client service. (Believe it or not, there are plenty of lawyers out there who do not feel this way. ) I also wanted to emulate the positive aspects I encountered as an employee and create a firm where people enjoyed their jobs and work.

Working for me

Nearly 20 years on, I am pleased to say that business is thriving and our close-knit team are all aligned with the values of the firm.


Working at Geoffrey Miller Solicitors is not for everyone. We work extremely hard with exceptionally high standards. This can be challenging and the work we do is incredibly fast paced with what I can only describe as “curveballs” being thrown at us on a daily basis so if you like to be able to plan your day and have a predictable routine, I suggest you may want to rethink your application.

However, if you are looking for a position that is definitely challenging, but where you will be provided with a comfortable and nurturing environment, where excellence is rewarded, then please read on.

I do hope we receive your application and that this is the start of a successful career move for you (and for us!)

Best regards

Jeanette S. Miller
Managing Director

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