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Manual of Guidance Drink and Drug Driving (MGDD Forms)

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The Manual of Guidance on Drink and Drugs, more commonly known as the MGDD, is a set of forms used by the police when dealing with drink driving and drug driving offences. They contain the procedure that should be followed, as well as the questions that should be asked. The forms also contain the crucial statutory warning that should be read to anyone who is about to provide a breath, blood or urine sample for analysis. These are standard forms, which are updated in line with changes in statutes, and have to be agreed by the CPS before publication.

There have been various versions of the MGDD forms published, as they are amended and updated to adapt to changes in the law. The newest versions of the MGDD A, B and C forms were updated in November 2017. The MGDD D, E and F forms were published in October 2012. There are 6 MGDD forms as follows:

MGDD Form A Drink Drugs Station Procedure

MGDD Form A: Drink/Drugs Station Procedure

MGDD form B: drink/drugs procedure general (police station only) part B use with from MG DD/A

MGDD Form B: Drink/Drugs Procedure General (police station only) part B use with from MG DD/A

MGDD Form C: drink/drugs hospital procedure

MGDD Form C: Drink/Drugs Hospital Procedure

MGDD form D: alcohol technical defence and back calculation

MGDD Form D: Alcohol Technical Defence and Back Calculation

MGDD form E: drug drive laboratory submissions

MGDD Form E: Drug Drive Laboratory Submissions

MGDD form F: roadside impairment testing

MGDD Form F: Roadside impairment testing

These forms are completed depending on the reason for arrest.

The MGDD form should be completed by the rank of a police constable or above. The procedure cannot be completed by a civilian detention officer. If they are completed by a civilian detention officer than this will likely form the basis of a challenge the lawfulness of the drink drive procedure.

In the event of a ‘Not Guilty’ plea the, MGDD forms are to be used as memory refreshing documents only and are not evidence. They are simply there to refresh the officer’s memory of the events at trial.

The MGDD forms provide guidance and coherency amongst police forces when it comes to investigating whether someone is over or under the drug and alcohol driving limit. They are continually updating these forms, the most recent update being November 2017, highlighting the ability for these commonly used forms to adapt and keep up to date with any updates to the law.

Common Misconceptions

We are often contacted by prospective clients who have been misadvised that the police must ask 25 pages of questions as part of the drink driving procedures. Whilst the MGDD forms are lengthy, not all questions and guidance are required to be recited. Much depends on the answers provided to questions asked and how the procedure unfolds.

Mistakes in procedure either by reciting the wording of the forms incorrectly, too quickly or paraphrasing the questions can form the basis of a defence alongside many other unique defence strategies the team at Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are regularly successful in employing for our clients.

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