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Fixed Penalty Increases And New Police Powers

August 14, 2013 by in category Fixed Penalty, News with 0 and 0

So it looks like the costs of a motoring conviction is set to rise this week. It’s interesting that the government is implementing these increases during the same week that they have been quoted for saying  “fines are a poor deterrent for bad driving, compared with points on a driving licence, or the threat of losing a licence altogether”  when asked to comment about the enforcement of foreign motoring fines

The government has increased the fines issued with a fixed penalty offer as follows:

  • a non-endorsable (where the driver does not receive points on their licence) £30 fixed penalty notice will rise to £50
  • an endorsable (where points are given) £60 and non-endorsable fixed penalty notice will rise to £100
  • an endorsable £120 fixed penalty notice will rise to £200
  • the fixed penalty notice for driving with no insurance will rise from £200 to £300

Graduated fixed penalties (mainly for commercial goods and passenger carrying vehicles and including offences like drivers’ hours and overloading) and financial deposits (for drivers without a satisfactory UK address) will also increase:

  • a £30 non-endorsable fine will rise to £50
  • a £60 endorsable and non-endorsable fine will rise to £100
  • a £120 endorsable and non-endorsable fine will rise to £200
  • a £200 endorsable and non-endorsable fine will rise to £300

In addition to the fixed penalty increases which come into effect 16 August 2013, the police will be able to issue fixed penalties for the offence of careless driving. You can still challenge an allegation of careless driving through the courts but in our view, simplifying the police process of making the allegation in the first place is likely to result in an increase in fixed penalties and prosecutions. Managing Director, Jeanette Miller aka Miss Justice was interviewed on the BBC Breakfast couch (see the video below) about these proposals when the government consultation was first announced.She didn’t agree with it then and she doesn’t agree with it now.

In our experience, the majority of careless driving allegations can be successfully challenged so before you accept a fixed penalty offer, it is always worth giving us a call to see if there is a way of defending the case. Call our teams in London and Manchester free on 0800 1389 123.

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