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An Office Christmas Carol!

December 21, 2018 by in category News with 0 and 0

Nick was not feeling one bit festive. In fact, he was feeling somewhat,  ‘BAH HUMBUG’… because tonight is the office Christmas party… the one time of year that everyone from the firm gets to let their hair down after lots of hard work and great results. An activity that also usually involves drinking one’s body weight in alcohol and having a jolly good time!

However, Nick, somehow managed to get roped into picking his wife up later on that night which means that he can’t participate in the usual drink related merriment because he has to drive! “Bah Humbug!”

“Although….surely one won’t hurt?”…thought Nick…


but will it????

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Nick slowly sipped his one beer trying to make it last.  That’s when Sherry from accounts wandered over to him.

“You having a good time?” shouts Sherry. The music was rather loud.

“Yeah great” said Nick.

“You want another drink?” teased Sherry.

“No thanks, I can’t. I’m driving” said Nick.

“Oh go on, don’t be a Scrooge” laughed Sherry. “It’s once a year, enjoy yourself!”

Sherry went on to boast to Nick that she always drink drives and never gets caught. She then regaled about the time she drank a full bottle of champagne and was way over the limit, probably about 5 times, and no one batted an eyelid! Hearing about Sherry’s escapades made Nick lose his sensible intentions and cave to the pressure.

“Go on then, after all it is Christmas”….. Nick takes another drink.

The Ghost of Christmas Present

A few drinks later and some rather embarrassing dancing, Nick thinks “Right it’s time to go and pick up the wife. I’m not feeling great and I really should drink some water to try and sober up. “

“Glass of water please” he asked the barmaid.

“Are you alright?” she asks with some concern clearly showing on her face.

“Yeah just needs sober up I think, picking the Mrs up…I’m gonna be late” Nick slurred.

Nick sets off down the back streets just in case he was seen by police! He knows they are hot on drink drivers at Christmas.

Oh no! Too late… Blue Lights flashing!! Nick is pulled over!

“You alright mate” Says the police officer?”

“Yeah fine” replies Nick. Eyes glazed and speech slurred!

“Can you step out of the car please sir?” the officer firmly requests.

“Is there a problem officer?” Nick is worried.

“Yes you’ve been seen swerving all over the road and your lights aren’t on! Have you been drinking?”

“I’ve had a couple earlier on officer, but I’m fine now” he slowly steps out of the vehicle.

“Mind taking a quick breath test?” requests the police officer.

Nick provides a positive sample of breath at the roadside and is taken to the police station for a another breath test… (he never did get to pick his wife up and she’s not happy!).

Then the dreaded words…. I’m charging you with Drink Driving!

The Ghost of Christmas yet to come

Head down… Nick walks into the dock…GUILTY he pleads!

Nick is convicted of drink driving and is disqualified for a period of 23 Months. He has no choice but to accept the offer of a Drink Driver’s Rehabilitation Course to get that ban reduced but still he is going to face so many consequences he just did not appreciate when he was back at the office do.


A couple of days later…

“Nick, I wish there was something I could do for you but I have no option but to let you go” Says his Boss. “Your job role in sales requires you to drive, so you’ll have to give the company car back”. Plus you have a conviction now which you know our company won’t tolerate. I’m sorry Nick, you’ve really messed up! ….

….Are you listening to me Nick…Nick…NICK!!


Nick wakes up from his day dream, an undrunk bottle of beer in his hand.

Holly from accounts wanders over… “you weren’t thinking of having another one were you, you remember Sherry from Accounts, she got fired for Drink Driving, it’s just not worth the risk!”

“You’re right” said Nick, it’s really not!

Be Safe This Christmas!

We know we are stating the obvious but the only safe way to drive this Christmas is not to drink.

Unlike in our Scrooge related ditty, we can’t promise that we can turn the clock back if you find yourself in trouble over the festive season. However, we will be ready to help advise about any motoring law issues over the Christmas period. We are open 365 days a year to offer free, no obligation, advice.

From 22 December – 2 January our phones are manned by a call centre with a guaranteed callback within an hour of your call by a member of our legal team between 10am-10pm. Outside of these hours, our response time is likely to be until 10am the following day.

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