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BBC Radio Wales Interview with Jeanette Miller about Speeding

May 24, 2019 0 0

Jeanette Miller talks to BBC Radio Wales about what should the punishment be for motorist who speed excessively and should the law for speeding be toughened up.

What is a Single Justice Procedure Notice?

June 29, 2018 0 1

Since 13th April 2015, Single Justice Procedure Notices have been issued to adults charged with summary-only non imprisonable offences such as speeding or failing to stop and/or report an accident. The notice outlines details of the offence, the option to submit your plea and the consequences of failing to respond. The notice should include some…

drink driving

Jeanette Miller talks to BBC Radio Wales about Speeding laws in England and Wales

January 31, 2018 0 1

Britain’s road policing chief says you should be punished if you break the speed limit by just one mile per hour. Jeanette discusses the potential problems with drivers watching their speedometers rather than watching the road and if speedometers in older cars are not accurate enough.

Smart Motorways – UK Map of Smart Motorways

November 7, 2017 0 0

Managing Director, Jeanette Miller, recently appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show discussing the increasing number of smart motorways and how they are perceived by motorists. Regardless of whether you think they are a help or hindrance to your daily commute, as the number of smart motorways grow across the country, it’s important to know how…

the legal catch 22

The legal catch 22 – You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

March 8, 2017 0 0

You have been sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) in regards to a speeding offence. Through one thing or another you have failed to reply to it naming who the driver of your vehicle at the time was. You accept this and have been summoned to attend court as you will be facing 6…

Women Drivers

Dispelling the Myths around Women Drivers in the UK

February 6, 2017 0 0

Google lists 6,090,000 hits when you enter the search terms ‘Women driver jokes’. Men on the other hand, are idolised and routinely depicted in Hollywood blockbusters as the more skilled and adept drivers – ‘Drive’, ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘James Bond’ to name but a few cult driving films with male magician drivers behind the…

speeding penalty update

A Speedy-Speeding-Penalty Update

January 26, 2017 0 1

How many times have you fallen prey to those speed cameras perched like vultures behind large trees or craftily hidden behind some other road feature? In 2015 nearly 170,000 people across England and Wales were sentenced in a speed related offence; 166,216 of us receiving NIP’s and subsequent fines for them.  Police, Magistrates and Criminal…

speeding in a 30 zone

Excessive speeding recently through a 30mph zone – what can I expect to happen?

January 20, 2017 0 0

There are many reasons why drivers may need to rush from A to B in the car. Most motorists will admit to perhaps marginally breaking the speed limit in certain circumstances. However, with 0-60 acceleration in 3.1 seconds and speed capabilities on high performance cars with features like “the insane mode!”  on the top level…


Driving Offence Statistics 2016

December 23, 2016 0 2

2016 in review It seems fitting that the year our founder, Geoffrey Miller, passed away is the most successful since the firm was founded in 2000. Geoffrey was always so proud of the success of the firm and the fact that it continued to bear his name long after he retired. Morals and Justice To…

speeding fine abroad

Now a speeding fine can follow you home after your holiday

May 26, 2016 0 3

At this time of year, many of us are looking forward to travelling to warmer shores to enjoy a well-deserved Spring or Summer break. However, it is worth considering, that if you do decide to take to the roads during your break, if you inadvertently commit a traffic offence, such as speeding, you can now…

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Jeanette Miller interview with BBC Radio 5 Live about Speeding

February 26, 2016 0 0

Speeding solicitor Jeanette Miller talks about how speeding is becoming more common for people speeding over 100mph and how motorist could find it difficult, to not fall into the trap of speeding with most modern high performance cars.

drink driving

BBC Good Morning Wales interview with Jeanette Miller about Speeding

February 25, 2016 0 0

BBC Good Morning Wales interview with Jeanette Miller about speeding 25th Feb 2016 Jeanette Miller interview on BBC Good Morning Wales about speeding, high performance vehicles and raising the speed limit. The police stopped 2,000 motorists 'doing over 100mph' in 2014-15.


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