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Peter Foster Dangerous Driving Testimonial

Dangerous Driving

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Dangerous Driving

“When I was charged with Dangerous Driving I felt as though the police had taken everything I had said the wrong way and interpreted what I told them as lies. They thought I was guilty. Proving me innocent was not going to be an easy task for anyone and I knew I needed specialist help. My personal circumstances made the threat of losing my licence and even a prison sentence an unbearable thought.

I had used the duty solicitor provided for me at the police station when I was questioned. I hadn’t thought for one minute that the police would charge me with anything. The duty solicitor I used didn’t fill me with confidence. My world was collapsing.

I did some research on the internet about motoring offences and specialist law firms. The reviews for Geoffrey Miller Solicitors were excellent, I liked what I saw and decided to give them a call to see what they thought of my situation. It was about 9pm and I didn’t expect really to receive any advice that evening although in an ideal world that was what I wanted. To my surprise, I did get advice from a very helpful and knowledgeable solicitor. She gave me advice on the seriousness of the offence, the prospects of successfully being found not guilty and an idea of their fees. Life still looked pretty bleak. The offence was serious and my defense was weak. The fees to defend myself were high. However, through the clouds of my situation, Geoffrey Miller Solicitors were prepared to take my case and fight with me. Although they never gave me false hope, they did give me hope. On a cost / benefit analysis I made a business decision that to fight was the only option, regardless of cost as the cost implications of being found guilty were unthinkable.

I instructed Geoffrey Miller Solicitors the next morning and decided to go all out and work with the boss, Jeanette Miller. From initial contact with Jeanette, I felt reassured that I had made the right decision. Jeanette discussed strategy and potential lines of defense we could explore. There was light at the end of the very long tunnel.

Throughout the 3 years it took to finally resolve, Jeanette and the team held my hand, they saw me through the darkest days and gave me hope. They involved experts in several aspects of my defense and basically, everything that the Crown Prosecution threw my way, Jeanette threw something back bigger. It was a fight that Jeanette had really sunk her teeth into.

Jeanette instructed a barrister to act for me who was also an expert in motoring law and he really had the edge. I felt totally confident that the balance had tipped our way and I now stood a very good chance of being found not guilty.
Regardless of our fight, it did seem that the Crown Prosecution had it in for me and they wouldn’t back down, we eventually got to court for the trial. The trial was adjourned several times due to lack of court time and eventually, when we thought the trial was finally going to run, the Crown Prosecution broke and offered me a lesser charge of Careless Driving. We had asked for this several times along the way and it was something I was always prepared to accept. Dangerous Driving is life changing, Careless Driving is a mere blip on a driving licence in comparison. I accepted the charge of Careless Driving and even with that, Jeanette had all the ‘t’s crossed and ‘i’s dotted just in case and I received a very minimal fine and a handful of points. I kept my driving licence and I kept my life.

I am immensely grateful for all the hard work, compassion and expertise that this firm offered and I know that life now would be completely different had we not taken the plunge to instruct them.”Peter Foster - East Yorkshire

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