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Mr S To Provide a Specimen Testimonial

Failing To Provide A Specimen

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Not Guilty

09th October 2012

“If you are reading this then you are in trouble and of course puzzled, and do not know what to do, therefore it is similar to what I felt nearly 13 months ago.

I was charged with Failing to Provide which is a very serious offence. I was kicking myself sleepless nights and life seemed over.

I work in IT Industry and I may know a thing or two about research on Companies. Online, Media and Newspapers. I made my decision based on Reviews, so I want to share my experience with you as well. I hope it helps.

I called Geoffry Miller Solicitors. I was literally in tears when Jeanette herself answered the phone. She actually took her own time to take my statement and trust me when I say this but she called me on a Saturday Afternoon and spent 2 hours with me on the phone to go through every single detail. Yes that’s right!! A leading partner at a law firm taking my statement on a Weekend, usually you will get an administrator from any ordinary law firm who will take your statement, so I have hope that this is enough proof for you about the company ethics and how serious they are about what they do. And No I was not Paying Double and I am not a Celebrity. No one else was available that day so she had to take over that Friday evening and arranged to call following Saturday without even making me wait for the following Monday.

Once established that we had a defence they proceeded.

Geoffrey Miller Solicitors was my solicitors and boy!! They know how to manage a case, i.e. it felt like that they was literally holding my hand through the whole process. She must have an IQ of a Genius and of course sound like a mini version of Jeanette herself. They will deal with everything over the phone, internet emails, They will NEVER Ignore your phone calls, they will always respond to your emails. And if you are a type who has lost faith in this world then feel free to visit them.
This is 2012 not the same as 20th century so days for you visiting your solicitors every week are over, everything is all done electronically now.

You will be represented by one of the Countries TOP BARRISTERS and these guys are seriously good. You cannot pay more and get better as this is it and no one better than these Barristers are better equipped. Their Barristers are well known faces in the Media and Judiciary Circuits.

My Case continued for a good 13 months.  After 13 months I won the case. Got acquitted.

Believe me when I say this that these guys at Geoffrey Millers, if they do not think you will win then they will tell you.

If they tell you that you have a defence then start believing that you are in business.

You have to trust their judgement and their methods. If this firm cannot save you then no one in whole UK can. If you are feeling that the game is over then believe me it’s NOT. There is a reason they are the best and I believed this AFTER literally 1 week of seeing how they work, and each time I drive or start the car and look back and thank my stars for calling them and NOT wasting my money on some other Law firm.

I have gone through hell and picked Geoffery Millers, and I would say this again you will NOT find better Experts in UK for Motor Offences.

Don’t try to save money, you will waste it on other firms as they don’t have the methodology similar to Geoffery Millers. Whatever you do at least call Geoffery Millers to get information.  This is Not an ordinary law firm but the best the money can buy. Please don’t be fooled when law firms offer you same service at cheaper rates.

You will see on websites firms claiming to do a good job.

Other firms may do administration on your case, just administration!! so eliminating the purpose that target is to DEFEND the Client.

And thanks to my lord that I chose the best in business to be DEFENDED.”Mr S - Surrey

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