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Mr H Singh Drug Driving Testimonial

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“At the end of December 2017, I was charged with drug driving being 3 times over the limit for cannabis. I thought that was it, there was nothing I could do to fix this. But after speaking with Geoffrey Miller solicitors I ended up deciding that I will let them deal with my case as I strongly felt that my case handler Austin took his time to understand my case, understand my background, what consequences this would have on my future as I’m still young and need to finish university. I felt highly confident with letting Austin deal with my case, he would always keep me updated of any key dates there are, any letters or emails that have been received and just overall talking me through what options I had, whether we’re in a strong position or not, what points are being focused on my behalf and what to be expecting in court. All of this kept me even more reassured as I was confident that I had someone with an high amount of skills and knowledge in this field dealing with my case. This was my first ever time in court so I was really nervous, I didn’t know what to expect but Austin always made sure that he listened to everything I had to say, any questions I wanted to ask, that’s what kept me reassured the most.

At the day of my trial Geoffrey Miller Solicitors had sent a very professional advocate (counsel) to deal with my case. He briefed me through what procedures are going to be placed, what points his main focus is on, what to say, what not to say and what to expect from the judges. At trial, in the courtroom it only took my advocate around 20 minutes to get the judges to drop the case and get me acquitted which was literally the best outcome anyone would want if you’re ever in this position.

Overall I would like to thank Geoffrey Miller Solicitors so much for getting my life back on track and being with me through that dark stage, I always had every opportunity to ask for clarifications on anything that wasn’t understood. The whole process ran through very smoothly and just the way my case handler Austin described it would be. The team provided the best service you could get for the price you’re paying and I would HIGHLY recommend anyone in a similar situation to me to not hesitate or even think twice about having Geoffrey Miller Solicitors backing you up in court. They are the best at what they do and they produce the best expected results at the end of it all.”Mr H Singh - London

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