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Mr Ariss Drunk In Charge Testimonial

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“I was charged with drunk in charge of the vehicle. My circumstances for being or ending up in this situation was confusing even for myself, because I was sick several days before. I was taking a kind of herbal alcohol based medication and a bit of beer being on the side of the road, on a country lane and not having any water to swallow the medication. The way my car was parked upset local people, having to deal with this complaint and the Police was called. That really caused me and my family panic, stress, helplessness everything was at huge risk, my family of two children 1 and 2 years old, my job, mortgage it was unbelievably difficult. And also, it was not clear at all what to do and what would come next. Also, because there was so much on the internet and rumors around. Thank God and bless them all I found Geoffrey Miller solicitors. From the very beginning when I told my story to them and especially to Victoria Brennan I started to understand that every situation especially going into the details, can be hope and not everything can be against you and so many things can be excluded from your accusations. I understand that I was in the hands of professional people who will understand your situation and can lead you through and not allowing you to be charged for something more, or what can be questionable including taking blood procedures and many more issues, which Geoffrey Miller solicitors new what was very important to stress and looked for and to convince the court to drop the charges against you. And I would like to say that I had no problems being understood by them even when my English language is not the best. I also would like to thank them, that If there is the chance to win Geoffrey Miller solicitors definitely will see and take care of it. Their attitude to give real hope and understanding and comfort what can be next always was there and in the right place, on time especially from talking on the phone and emails from Victoria Brennan. I think that I have experienced true humanity and God blessings and much more about understanding about the seriousness of life. Also, to be the wider picture what can come good and bad from such situation and to do all the best to avoid such a possibility to be in this situation again. I can proudly talk and help people to try to avoid such a situation. If it unfortunately happens to you definitely go and seek advice and help from such a people like Victoria Brennan and Geoffrey Miller solicitors and their team. God thanks for such blessings to be acquitted and God bless them all.”Mr Ariss - Essex

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