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Mr M Dockerill Drug Driving Testimonial

Drug Driving

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“Currently speechless from desired result

Was charged with drug driving mainly cocaine and it’s after product. and possession of cannabis over a year and half ago. I then instructed Geoffrey miller by fate on the basis I had put my name and number on at least 5 other solicitor call back pages. Geoffrey miller was the first firm to get hold of me and I was greeted by the lovely Saskia who explained in detail what my options was. Saskia was lovely to talk to and was the reason I went ahead with Geoffrey miller. As I instructed Geoffrey miller I then had the lovely Ellie as my caseworker who was very thorough with her work. and was always letting me know on important issues throughout the case. and always being positive about the whole thing. I was also lucky enough to speak to Jeanette at one point and would like to say a big thanks to have a little faith in me when I needed it most over a little payment issue.

About the trials and final outcome

So it has been a long and grueling experience for me as I was charged with the offence in late February last year I then had to wait a day before the 6 month deadline for my blood result to come back from the police for it to be over the specified limit. I then had my first hearing two weeks later from the results. I had Barry to represent me to progress the case to full trial after that then came several delays one from the court then CPS witnesses were unable to attend and was finally set on 27th of June this year. I arrived at court and spoke to my barrister who has unbelievable knowledge of process that it’s scary. after this I knew he would give the CPS a hard time but low and behold it was a complete whitewash on my behalf as the CPS main witness was sick from may and the CPS was unaware of this until we was at court and had failed to check if witnesses would be available on a set deadline given by a pre trial hearing. their second witness also decided to call in sick on the day. The CPS then had the cheek to try to ask for a adjournment witch of course was rejected. after this the CPS had no evidence to give and I was acquitted.

Things I have learnt

Geoffrey miller are awesome they make u feel respected and feel good about a case u might not think u can win

CPS are very unorganised

Some Witness don’t like to turn up to court

Barristers appointed to represent you are truly awesome

Final conclusion
If you are reading this then read my advice don’t go to anyone else this firm is simply the best you can get. I can’t stress that enough. thank you Geoffrey miller for my acquittal I owe u every thing big respect to Ellie, Saskia they are true gems to the firm.”Mr M Dockerill - Cambridge

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