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Mr Danny Wilde Drink Driving Testimonial

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Case Dismissed

“I had a car accident avoiding an animal on the road and was knocked unconscious as I hit a tree. The police arrived and I came round. I was taken to the hospital, still disorientated, as I had a head injury and pain in my chest due to the impact on the steering wheel. The police asked if I had been drinking and I told them yes and I had drank earlier but not much, only 3 pints.

The hospital procedures took some time and the police forced me to give them a blood sample as they told me I could go to prison for 6 months for refusing.

The blood test results were truly shocking. The blood sample was taken nearly 4 hours after the crash and about 6 hours after my last drink and the result indicated that I was nearly 3 times over the limit. I was very shocked as it could not have been the case. The solicitor appointed to me told me to plead guilty and face a reduced sentence. Frankly I found the advice given was ludicrous as I believed the test results were wrong, so I did some research and found Geoffrey Miller Solicitors. I spoke to Jeanette Miller for over 45 minutes. She was really great and said that she thought I had a case.

Tara Boyle was appointed as my case manager and she had a direct, pragmatic, fact based approach to the case. Her thoroughness, strategy and consistent professionalism made me feel like I was in really good hands. I was given updates as and when things changed. Tara gave her opinion on how she felt the case was going and she was spot on. She sent the CPS queries that were not responded to.

On the day of the trial, the CPS cold not produce any evidence and couldn’t provide answers to Tara’s specific questions. Tara told me that she felt the case would either be dismissed or adjourned as she believed the CPS were not prepared. The Judge quizzed the CPS and questioned why they had not responded to the numerous requests that Tara had made. They didn’t have an answer! I think the Judge found it hard to believe that the CPS simply did not respond.

The result, as Tara predicted, was that the Judge dismissed the case and I was free to get on with my life thanks to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors.”Mr Danny Wilde - Hertfordshire

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