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Miss Justice the “Good Samaritan” in Canadian Speeding Case

April 11, 2008 by in category News with 0 and 0

Nicholas Pappas, a Canadian motorist sent a speculative email to senior partner, Jeanette Miller aka Miss Justice, asking her for her help with defending his own case in the Canadian courts. Jeanette came to his assistance (without charge) and her involvement eventually saved the day!

Whilst our legal systems differ, there are many similarities between the UK’s legal system and the laws in the USA and Canada. Mr Pappas is not a lawyer but decided to fight his case in Canada without using a lawyer. He came unstuck, however, when trying to research the workings of the device that had been used to measure his speed, the Laser 20:20. This was the device that was used in the notorious Crown Court appeal of Brian Wiltshire which Jeanette had won in early 2007. Nicholas asked Jeanette for help in locating manufacturer’s manuals and information concerning the device which she was able to send to him by email.

On the day of his hearing, 07 April 2008 he realized he was missing a crucial link in his defence and called upon her for her help again. Jeanette was able to deliver the evidence needed from her bank of information concerning the device in question and Nicholas won his case. Here is an extract from his email to Jeanette which speaks for itself:

Keeping your fingers crossed for me was a good luck charm!! Good news….I was victorious!! I must admit it was quite a battle! I don’t wish to consume too much of your time and will be brief.

The hearing lasted approx. 2 hours and ended at midnight ( I had an evening session). The Judge, as mentioned previously, was very biassed. As it turned out, submitting the transcripts, decision and laser manual (manual previously declined on claims I was not an expert) proved difficult. I had to refer to jurisprudence from the Supreme Court of Canada and argued it was admissible under the “hearsay rule”. Judge stated that he was aware and during his 11 year tenure as a Judge, I was not “going to teach him law”! With a statement like that you can imagine the battle that ensued. Anyhow, to make a long story short, I managed to convince him to accept the document, much to his disliking. Following that, based on the contradictory evidence I obtained in from the minutes of my previous hearing where I cross-examined the police officer, it was pretty much “smooth sailing” as the saying goes.

Jeanette, I sincerely and deeply appreciate, from the bottom of my heart, your assistance in this matter. I expressed to you yesterday my thoughts about you as a person and a professional. You are truly one of the rarities in today’s society which, in my personal opinion, lacks values and morals.

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