Eamonn Sweeney (father of previous client Geraldine Sweeney)

- Fail to Provide a Specimen

Mr Sweeney has agreed to give references to potential clients. This is what his daughter, Geraldine, our client said about her case and our work:

"A roadside breath test showed me substantially over the limit. I engaged Geoffrey Miller Solicitors (GMS) ,who were able, with the help of their experts,  to establish that police station prodeedures were not correctly carried out, and as a result my case was droped by the Crown Prosecution Services,no charges.
In all this I found GMS excellent to work with. They kept me informed at all times.I was particularly impressed with the experts they engaged, and most importantly with the barrister that represented me in court. I also observed that they had a good business-like relationship with the CPS, which I feel was also  an important factor in the outcome.
For the return I got, my life ,my career, I consider GMS charges to be good value.   

Geraldine from Surrey"