Anonymous Acquitted October 2014

Urine Drink Driving Case
I was stopped by the police and failed a roadside breath test. At the police station I failed again their more accurate breath test machine. I was legally required to give a blood or urine sample. There were no blood available at the police station that night, so I gave a urine sample. I did not know this at the time, but there are stringent rules and procedures on how urine is taken and tested, which the police don’t seem to be aware of. The failure to conduct the test properly was going to be my last line of defense, and would have undoubtedly got me off the charge. However we never needed to get to that point, as the CPS failed at every level to follow procedure in my case. The case was thrown out long before we got to the urine issues. I'm pretty sure the police rely on drink drivers going to court and simply taking the ban and fine without a fight. Although it has cost me money winning the case, I consider it money very well spent.

What I would go on to say, is that although I did drink and took the risk of driving that night, I did so because it is not illegal to drink and drive. It's illegal drink too much and drive. Drinking and driving should be banned full stop. Then we'd all know where we stand. Had I known that it was illegal to drive with any alcohol in my body, then I'm sure as with many others I would not have even attempted to get behind the wheel of a car. Then in my opinion being done for drink driving should be dealt with on a fixed penalty scheme. This would save the courts and tax payer a lot of unnecessary expense and time wastage.

But having found myself in this situation, I'm so glad I contacted Geoffrey Miller solicitors, as they were so great in helping me in my hour of need. I would highly recommend them in the future for anyone who finds themselves in the same position as me, although I hope I don’t have to.