Mr A Tierney

Drink Driving
- Case Discontinued September 2014
I was astonishingly summonsed for a drink driving and fail to stop after an accident by the police to attend court. I have severe health issues and the night the police alleged I had committed these offences, I had a severe angina attack and do not remember an accident or being taken to a hospital or my blood being taken for analysis. I looked on the internet as I needed expert legal advice and saw so many excellent reviews for Geoffrey Miller Solicitors.

They specialise in defending driving offences. I contacted Geoffrey Miller Solicitors and spoke to a solicitor who immediately gave me outstanding advice and instantly made up my mind, I needed their expert help in defending myself against these alleged offences. From the onset the professionalism of the solicitor and the barrister who represented me at court was outstanding.
Throughout the whole proceedings I have been fully kept informed of developments on a constant regular basis and felt I could phone or see my solicitor at any time. If it was not for the solicitors with their expert and professional advice defending me, I am sure I would not have had this case dropped. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors have maintained my independence in driving.