Special reasons for saving your licence

Many motoring offences carry a MANDATORY BAN as a penalty. This means that even if your life depends on your ability to drive, no pleading with the court to be lenient with you will do any good at all.

Unlike "Exceptional Hardship"  which is an argument to persuade the Magistrates to impose a lesser penalty where someone is at risk of a "totting up" ban, "Special Reasons" have nothing to do with your personal circumstances.

Special Reasons, if accepted, could enable the court to impose a punishment of penalty points in place of a mandatory period of disqualification or to impose no penalty points at all in cases where the punishment would normally attract points. So you would still be found guilty of an offence but there would be a special reason found as to why you should not receive the usual penalty for that offence.

Special Reasons can apply to any offence but must meet the following criteria:

  • The reason must be  mitigating or extenuating circumstance;
  • It must not  amount to a defence;
  • It must be directly connected to the commission of the offence, and
  • The reason must be one that the court ought properly take into account when imposing punishment.

The most common examples of special reasons are:

Spiked Drinks

Where you were over the limit in a drink driving case but where we can argue that your drinks had been spiked AND you were unaware of their true alcohol consumption (This is a difficult special reason to run and many people who have read up on the internet suggest this is something that has happened as a way out of the mess they are in. Our advice is don't bother...there are countless lawful defences to most charges that are far more likely to secure your acquittal altogether.)

Shortness of Distance

They drove a very short distance whilst exceeding the prescribed limit of alcohol. The distance will be one of a number of factors considered by the court. The court will also want to know:


  • How far was the vehicle driven;
  • In what manner was the vehicle driven;
  • What was the state of the vehicle;
  • Was it the intention of the driver to drive any further;
  • What were the road, traffic and weather conditions;
  • Was there a possibility of contact with other road users; and
  • What was the reason for driving?

Distances of less than a mile will probably qualify but much depends on all of the circumstances of your case.


Emergency situations

Again, be warned though as if you had an opportunity to call emergency services instead of getting behind the wheel and driving over the speed limit or whilst over the drink driving limit, your special reason will have less chance of success.

Being misled in an insurance case

This is usually applicable to parents and children or to an employer and employee and in some case this could amount to a defence rather than a special reason.

Not Sure What to Do?

Most people who get in touch with our team of motor offence expert solicitors are uncertain of their options. They are unaware of any legal defences that may be available and find it difficult to believe that it might be possible to defend the motor offence charge they face by using loopholes that apply to the rich and famous! We do represent celebrities but we also represent many hardworking motorists like Brian and we want to help you make the right choice about what you do next.

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