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The Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines are a tool used by the Magistrates to decide on penalty. The calculator below will give you a rough idea of penalty. However, we are always happy to guide you about possible penalties without charge so please feel free to pick up the phone and call the specialist team of motor offence lawyers on 08000 85 27 84.

Drink Drive Calculator Speeding Calculator Other information

1. Breath reading
2. Have you been convicted of drink drive within 3 years ?
3. Have you been convicted of drink drive within 11 years ?
4. Were you driving an LGV, HGV, PSC etc. Towing caravan/trailer?
5. Poor road or weather conditions?
6. Were you carrying any passengers?
7. Were you driving for hire or reward (taxi/bus/coach)
8. Evidence of unacceptable driving or involved in an accident?
9. High level of traffic or pedestraians?
10. Was your vehicle insured at the time?