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We realised some time ago that anyone can design a snazzy website and claim motoring law expertise. In fact, many well meaning solicitors truly believe they are knowledgable about motoring law. However, very few lawyers invest the time into training and development as we do. The team at Geoffrey Miller Solicitors is constantly seeking ways to improve our knowledge and strategies and we think it is this desire for self and strategy development that makes us the best in the business.

We think the only way of proving this to prospective clients is to gather and reveal detailed statistics to you. In 2012 we released our trial statistics for the year and we regularly disclose information about our case successes and client testimonials to help back up what we say.

Of particular importance is that our advice is often different to other drink driving lawyers. It never ceases to amaze us how some clients are so badly advised by other supposed expert motoring lawyers. If our advice is contradictory to others you have spoken to we recommend you take this as a good have probably suffered a narrow escape from wasting your money with a lawyer who has no idea of our guarded (and hugely successful) cases strategies!


The Association of Motor Offence Lawyers (AMOL) was founded in May 2007 by Managing Director, Jeanette Miller aka Miss Justice and a number of other eminent motoring law solicitors.

To explain why it is so important for a client to instruct an expert in motor offence law it is helpful to use an analogy of using a GP to perform brain surgery. You simply would not even dream of such a thing. Many general criminal lawyers are capable of dealing with a very straight forward factual motoring defence but the vast majority of general criminal lawyers do not have the expertise to employ tactics and knowledge we have gained through years of experience.

The organisation’s aims are to ensure that members of the public have a clear way of recognising true expertise in the highly specialised field of motor offence defence. The organisation was set up in response to a growing number of instances where expertise has been claimed by lawyers who simply do not possess it. This has led to many clients being incorrectly advised and in our view, wasting their money aswell as possibly being made a victim of a miscarriage of justice!

Prior to the launch of AMOL there was no way of telling if a solicitor was a true expert. Flashy websites can be created by anyone with a knowledge of basic criminal law and this makes it difficult to select the right firm to serve your interests. Now, there is a very easy way of recognising who is an expert and who is not. The members of AMOL have either been invited to join the organisation because of their proven track record in the industry or because they have passed very stringent criteria which have been set to ensure that all members are sufficiently knowledgeable about the issues that commonly arise in motor offence defence.

We are proud to not only have membership of this organisation, but have been instrumental to its creation as we believe it has not only served as a crucial guide to clients seeking to select the right representation, but it has also lead to improvements within the industry as members of the organisation share their experiences and tactics.

Our proudest moment to date has been our integral role in campaigning against the changes the previous government attempted to make to the costs recovery regime. Back in 2008 the government were planning to implement a new regime to limit the recovery of costs from the court if a defendant is acquitted of an offence. Jeanette Miller immediately set about campaigning against this move and even once the announcement was made that the new laws were coming in, she did not give up and single handedly mounted a campaign.

In September 2009, outraged by the impending implementation of motoring defence cost capping regulations, Miss Miller launched an e-petition on the no.10 website. By the time the petition closed, it had attracted almost 22,000 signatures.

Despite this strong objection, The Ministry Of Justice proceeded to with the implementation of these unjust rules designed to cap the costs of a successfully acquitted defendant. The petition attracted the support from many high profile figures including 26 QC’s and the Criminal Bar Association have fully endorsed the sentiments behind the petition. The petition was also backed by many legal and motoring organizations. Following the petition, the Law Society took up the helm and launched judicial review proceedings against the government in January 2010.

The judgment - handed down on June 15 2010, by Lord Justice Elias and Mr Justice Keith - has ruled unlawful an attempt by the previous Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw, to cap the costs paid to people acquitted in criminal cases


Lexcel is the Law Society's international practice management standard. It is a scheme for any type of practice to certify that certain standards have been met following independent assessment. The Lexcel practice management standard is only awarded to solicitors who meet the highest management and customer care standards. Lexcel accredited practices undergo rigorous independent assessment every year to ensure they meet required standards of excellence in areas such as client care, case management and risk management.

Defendants’ Costs Orders

Sadly, as at 2013, if you are acquitted or a case against you is discontinued then it is highly likely the court will grant a defendant’s costs order but this will only result in small proportion of the legal costs that you pay to us being reimbursed to you after the conclusion of your case. The level of reimbursement will depend on the package you select. For most standard package cases, reimbursement will be in the region of 10-20% of the costs you paid for your representation.