Pricing Structures

YesPricing Structures

We have developed a number of pricing structures to suit clients on most income levels. To some clients minimising the level of their legal costs is as important as achieving your objective with an acquittal or damage limitation on penalty. The Finest Bronze Package enables you to receive the very best legal representation but at a sensible price.

We also have other more prestigious packages to suit clients who wish to invest more funds in their representation which include more "frills" and service options.

No matter which option you select, we can assure you that you will receive outstanding service, advice from lawyers who are experts in motoring law involved in your case and you will be made to feel as though you are our only client.

Fixed Fees (Guilty Pleas and Applications for Return of Licence Early Following a Ban)

We tend to offer fixed fees for guilty plea cases because for cases where we defend a prosecution, we are only able to have a rough idea of what work and court attendances may be involved in a case at the outset. With cases where you intend to plead guilty, we can say with far more certainty that the case will almost always be concluded with one appearance in court* and it is unlikely we will need to obtain any expert evidence.

*Where there is a risk of a prison sentence, and the court adjourns the case for pre-sentence reports, we will charge a refresher fee for a second court appearance.

We are also able to offer fixed fees for applications to have your licence returned early following a ban.

Fees in all other cases

Our fees are usually made up of some or all of the following:

We charge an hourly rate for our time;
VAT (currently 20%);
Experts’ fees; and
Advocate fees.

Packages for Defended Prosecutions

We offer 4 defence packages with different benefits available:

Finest Bronze Package
Elite Silver Package
Premium Gold Package
Ultimate Platinum Package

No matter which service package you select for your case, you will always receive the same level of dedication and expert input from your defence team. However, the  higher the level of package you select, the more benefits and service advantages you will receive from us.

Benefits Services
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Personal untimed meeting with Miss Justice Yes      
Untimed meeting with GMS team case handler   Yes Yes  
Private telephone access to Miss Justice Yes      
Private access to a Director   Yes Yes  
Round the clock telephone access to case handler and team Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee of Miss Justice working on your case Yes      
Press relations service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed choice of trial advocate Yes Yes Yes  
Pre-trial conference with trial advocate Yes Yes    
Family VIP membership Yes Yes Yes  
VIP membership Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chauffeur service to and from court on day of trial Yes      
Court Appearance Training Yes      
Monthly Video Conference Call Yes      
Minimum Weekly update Yes Yes    
Scanning of all correspondence Yes Yes    
Duplicate Trial Folder Yes Yes    
Trial/final hearing liaison team Yes Yes    

Defendants’ Costs Orders

If you are acquitted or a case against you is discontinued then it is highly likely the court will grant a defendant’s costs order. This may result in a proportion of the legal costs that you pay to us being reimbursed to you after the conclusion of your case. The level of reimbursement will depend on the package you select.